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101 Improv Games for Children and Adults by Bob Bedore
101 Improv Games for Children and Adults by Utah Improviser and Quick Wits owner Bob Bedore

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This forum has been created by Diederik v/d Boor.
If you're interested in using this program aswel, feel free to contact me. You can also check my website: http://www.codingdomain.com. Please keep in mind that I've created this forum, and I realllyy appreciate it if you notify me about any changes, bugs, etc. I would also prefer any redirecting any I-want-to-use-requests right to me or my website, so I can keep control of the forum distribution. In other words, I can notify anyone about changes, bugs, so it makes the use of it a lot better.

I don't mind if you like to edit some parts of the program in adjustment to your website. However, I cannot be responsable for any bugs that show up because of your modifications. Huge changes are not allowed. Also, please let me know about all modifications. If I like them, I'll certainly implement then too in the original program.

I like to maintain a list of implementations around the world, and I'll properly let you know if something has changed, or big security holes show up.

For more help, please send mail to webmaster@utahimprov.com, giving this help topic id (about), and what you did before reading this help topic.

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