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Even if we're in exactly the wow classic gold

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Even if we're in exactly the wow classic gold  
  Started at Sat Aug 10 00:26:14 2019
Even if we're in exactly the wow classic gold same places. In contrast on servers that are vanilla private I will bump into the same individual two or three times and we realize we're going about the exact same style, and possibly talk, group or become good friends! No sharding! Keep vanilla as a more realistic simulation please Blizzard!

I've been playing since 2004 pre-launch beta and has been a full-time devoted raider throughout the life span of vanilla from MC all the cheap wow classic gold way. I understand full well what the entirety of that experience was like. People today look back with rose colored glasses at all of the times after WoW Classic matured and forget exactly how much of a dumpster fire the launch was.

Quit blowing starter zone sharding from proportion and whining especially after so many repeated on how much care they are taking with Classic to make it as they can. It is not going to be a 100% replica of the old days, but I am thankful for something close.

Though imperfect, you do not produce a new digital version of the painting, then you take the original paint and canvas and revitalize it, if you're preserving an old painting. Similarly, WoW Classic is like an old painting, it has charm in part because it'd imperfections as well as masterfully crafted experiences.embarassed

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