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101 Improv Games for Children and Adults by Bob Bedore
101 Improv Games for Children and Adults by Utah Improviser and Quick Wits owner Bob Bedore

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Seahawks remember Cortez Kennedy as plan to honor him in 2017 apparently reveale

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Bob Bedore

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  Started at Fri Jun 29 11:03:46 2007
A little bit ago I mentioned the Quick Wits CDs that we sold at OBT back 1997 and it made me go hunt one of my old copies down...

And you know, for a group of people who'd only been doing that kind of thing for a little bit, it was actually pretty darn good.

I remember when we used to end every Quick Wits show with what we called "The Quick Choir" and we'd make up some 5 - 7 minute song based off of a quick suggestion. There was a lot of great energy from that and we came up with some of the most amazing lines.

I'll never forget the song, "My Baby Got Hit By A Train" and Russ Peacock's unforgettable line in the chorus... "Well the train didn't miss her but I do". That will always be the most amazing line to me.

But back to the CD. Great stuff from the gang. Russ and Rob Bogue were in great form on lyrics and I'd forgotten how much Zac added with some of the background stuff he did.

Then there was the "No Expense Spared Band". Mark Probert did some of the most incredible guitar stuff, sensing when the song was going to change pace and moving with it like we'd practiced the song for hours, and Eric... man I forget sometimes about Eric's other talents... Eric did some great drumming and I think all he had was a little snare and a symbol but it sounded like a full drum kit.

Listening to the CD today I have to admit that I got choked up thinking about the old days and the wonderful magic that was created. Sure it's somethng that has grown and now it's all over Utah with unforgetable scenes every week, but... well, I guess you had to be there... it was truly amazing.

How lucky I've been to work with such talented people over the last 13 years. I could never thank them enough for the memories, the good times, and especially for the times when I just needed an escape from the "real world" stuff going on.

But to those I've had the pleasure to be onstage with, and to all of those I will be sharing time with... Thank you. It feels like I've taken a lot of the good times for granted and taking a second to wonder what things would have been like without that crazy leap and opening Off Broadway Theatre and then with Quick Wits reminds me of what a lucky guy I am.

If you get a chance pick up a copy of "Quick Wits - Instant Comedy". I'm sure someone around OBT has one, or you can see me about it. It's almost a full ten years old, but listening to it today it seems like ti was yesterday.


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Re: Nostalgia  
  Reply #1 Posted at Wed Dec 2 01:39:53 2015
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Seahawks remember Cortez Kennedy as plan to honor him in 2017 apparently reveale  
  Reply #2 Posted at Mon Jun 12 22:18:59 2017
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