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Jack Diamond

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page to page  
  Started at Fri Jun 13 10:49:13 2003
When I go to a post that I have been following and it's got a new page, I tend to just click on the new page first rather than go to the bottom of the previous page. Would anybody think that it would be cool for the last post on a previos page be the first post on the next?
Maybe I'm all wet, but for me it would work better this way. Comments?

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AKA Jesse Parent

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Re: page to page  
  Reply #1 Posted at Fri Jun 13 11:43:10 2003
Like "vignette", this is a dumb idea... grin


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Charley Taylor Redskins JerseY  
  Reply #2 Posted at Sun Jan 31 23:11:58 2016
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Re: Charley Taylor Redskins JerseY  
  Reply #3 Posted at Wed Feb 3 00:03:20 2016
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