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five green stars

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Phone Numbers  
  Started at Tue Sep 16 10:16:03 2003
i don't know much about websites. but is it ok that we post phone numbers on this message board?

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AKA Jesse Parent

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Re: Phone Numbers  
  Reply #1 Posted at Tue Sep 16 10:35:27 2003
I guess so

If they are personal phone numbers, I would prefer they be emailed or PM'ed

If they are business phone numbers, check if they are attached to troupes on the troupe pages, first.

Otherwise, go nuts


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do the lindey hop!

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Re: Phone Numbers  
  Reply #2 Posted at Tue Jun 19 13:33:48 2007
Hey Jesse!

801645188!!!!! HA! FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!!


P.S. call me after nine and I iwll hunt you all down and massacre ya zulu style.

Before we understand the power of love we have to over come the love of power.
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  Reply #3 Posted at Fri Jun 3 17:37:39 2016
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