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Jonny No No

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November November, where art thow November?  
  Started at Sat Nov 29 06:15:38 2003
Just wondering what wonderful things UI has for November articles. Iím also here to rub it in to Jesse that I never do crap for this site. But if you donít have anything, I can discuss my opinions on various topics involving how funny Conan OíBrian is.

"I kid, I kid!"

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AKA Jesse Parent

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Re: November November, where art thow November?  
  Reply #1 Posted at Sun Nov 30 01:03:21 2003

I am sorry. Busy two months with job changes. I actually have an interview I did two months ago I still need to post.

Bad... BAD Jesse!


JoKyR and Jesster - Now with Video & Guestbook!

You never know how you'll act in front of an audience until you get there and they aren't laughing.
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Re: November November, where art thow November?  
  Reply #2 Posted at Sun Nov 30 14:32:38 2003
I don't care how many times you say it, Jesse. I'm not spanking you.

But Jon will. He volunteered. wink

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Larry Allen Jersey  
  Reply #3 Posted at Sat Aug 6 01:00:04 2016
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Next, How do you decide whether your company is better off doing a reverse merger or a direct S1 filing when going public?

If youíre interested in going public youíve obviously been bombarded with the realities of shell mergers, reverse mergers, pink sheets Larry Allen Jersey , OTCBB, London Exchange and other so called options that will no doubt confuse your efforts. Wolves in sheepís clothing and roses with contaminated thorns run rampant in this industry. People are typically the opposite of what they seem and the options they put up for your consideration more often than not have downsides that wonít be realized until the transaction is consummated with the obligatory retainer compensation wire.

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Shortcut oriented consultants and organizations insist on reverse mergers into public shells. Iím not judging companies or strategists that have used this method, Iím guilty of using shells in the past when I have a client that insists on this particular process but I always lay out the proís and conís that come with a shell.

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